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Default Re: Thor 2: Caption This!

ZEUS: "Loki, Norse/Asgardian God of Mischief, what makes you worthy of dating my daughter Athena Goddess of Wisdom? What are your qualifications?"

LOKI: "Ah, well, I attended Julliard, I'm a graduate of the Harvard Business School, I travel quite extensively, I lived through the Black Plague and I had a pretty good time during that-"

ZEUS: "And is it true that you are not in fact an actual Norse/Asgardian God but rather a frost giant remade into one?"

LOKI: "What if I am?"

ZEUS: "Well, if it's true then technically that would make you a commoner, adopted by Norse/Asgardian royalty or not, and on that basis I'm afraid you would not be eligible to date my daughter, who is essentially a princess of Olympus-"

ATHENA: "Dang it Daddy, don't be such an elitist!"

SUPERMAN: You know something Bruce? You're not always right.

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