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Default Re: "Please Don't Turn Down my Music": The Iron Man 3 Composer Thread

When first hearing Brian Tyler's choice as composer for this film, I wasn't really sure what to think.

But, after contemplating on the decision and listening to some of his past work, I think he's a more-than-suitable choice to compose the score for this film.

He can do bombastic and action-oriented music (perfect for battles and heroic rescues):

He can do serious and methodical (good for when Tony is perfecting his armor and tech or doing research):

And he can do just plain awesome and cool (perfect for scenes where Tony is just being Tony):

As much as I liked the scores for the previous two films, I always thought there wasn't much of a balance. Iron Man was a little bit heavy on the guitar side (great, but a little variety would have been nice), whereas Iron Man 2 was a little more on the orchestral side (great score, but none of the music really screamed "Iron Man" to me).

Brian Tyler, to me, is the best of both worlds. He has Ramin Djawadi's rock sensibilities and John Debney's dramatic orchestral sensibilities, and knows very well how to musically balance and coordinate the two. He's the perfect combo.

I'm really looking forward to see what Mr. Tyler brings to the table!

EDIT: Found another piece done by him.

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