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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Coster-Waldau could be Lukin, but I'm betting the retcon on them making Zemo become Bucky's handler instead, since he's a more popular villain.

As for Crossbones, I don't see it. For one thing, Crossbones needs to be a hulkster, and neither Holloway nor Coster-Waldau come even close for that kind of physicality. And from a fanboy standpoint, I say no way in hell you have Crossbones without Red Skull first. Johan is the reason Crossbones got his name: Red SKULL and CROSSBONES....get it?

Crossbones doesn't show up until Skully does.

Here's my take on Holloway: John Walker. Sawyer in Lost *is* US Agent. 'Nuff said.


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