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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by PyroChamber View Post
She could very well get the part, I mean isn't this sort of how Evans was casted as Cap? Plus I think the other question is would she be willing to do a multi-picture deal?
She kinda talked about a multi-pic deal in a recent interview while promoting Smashed:

Now that youíve done such a big drama, whatís next? Rom-com? Adventure? I know youíve seemingly been passed over for some of those big blockbuster roles, including Cobie Smuldersí role in The Avengers. But if you took that role, do you think you would be where you are now? And do you have any hopes to be that big blockbuster star?
Yeah, I mean, itís funny, because some of those roles ó well, the majority of them, I was just plain passed over for them [Laughs] ó but some of them I actually chose not to do as well because I donít really just want to be the blockbuster star, and I donít necessarily want to sign onto seven films in a role that Iím not really passionate about. Thatís actually happened several times as well, where in the news it sort of seems like, ĎOh, she lost the part,í but in reality, it just falls apart in the negotiation process and you realize that this isnít really something Iím passionate enough about to agree to ĎX, X, and X,í and sign the contract on. [Laughs] So thatís happened a bunch, too. Because I do really want to do films like this. Thatís the majority of stuff I want to do.

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