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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 5

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Preeeeetty sure sam was saying that the third act of the movie would be an all out war between Surtur and Asgard, and that's what people were arguing against...
In part, yeah, but we were discussing, in more general terms, the idea that there would probably be some larger threat involved, in addition to the Dark Elves. And throwing around a few reasonably plausible ideas with regard to that.

Quite a few posters were jumping all over us for "complaining about the villains," etc. Anyway, now that we are starting to hear about the larger threat, I guess we can talk about it in peace

Surtur has always made a certain amount of sense, but the shadows and darkness aspect would be a little odd as a description of him. If it's an Asgardian-style villain, and not something cosmic, I guess it could be Hela. Maybe re-imagined somewhat from the comics version.

Edit: Having re-read the description, I still think Surtur is most likely. It's just intentionally vague. Sounds like he threatens earth and asgard, as in the comics, with maybe Asgard taking the big hit in the end.

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