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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I love the scene in the animated series after Mastermold emerges from the underground Sentinels base.

Xavier is flying a plane loaded with explosives to blow up the base. Magneto surrounds the plane with a magnetic force bubble as Mastermold fires a blast at it, then Xavier ejects from the plane as it ploughs into Mastermold and the base, destroying everything (with Magneto then protecting the X-Men from the explosion with another magnetic force field).

That could be adapted well for the screen if they were to show the destruction of the Sentinels and Mastermold as part of the story. Perhaps, once Xavier has ejected, Magneto might also magnetically direct the plane to ensure it strikes the base.

But I'd love to finally see that magnetic force field! At the very least, it could still be invisible (as magnetism is) but seen as the Mastermold energy bolt hits it and flows around it (a bit like Jean's TK field was visible in the dam in X2 as Cyclops' blast hit it).

Magneto's powers sometimes need some special effects, I think. The subtle magnetic humming/pulsing sound when he is holding up the X-jet in X2 is excellent. A similar effect should have been used when he stopped the missiles in First Class.

Those sorts of subtle effects can make a difference to the cinematic experience, just as the scene where Storm lets loose at the end of X1 was enhanced by lightning coming from her eyes and hair. When she calls down the bolt to strike Toad, lightning flares up from her hair as she attracts down the lightning. It's also based on science in which objects on the ground send up a 'positive streamer' that connects with the downwards charge from the cloud.
That was awesome. That entire show was so good.

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