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Default Re: Batman III: The Untold Story That Takes Place After Returns

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Glad to see it's still alive, good luck, it looks promising, cool to see you're following the idea of a new vehicle every movie, have you decided about the villains yet?
The main villains are Two Face and Riddler. It was shortly after the announcement of the project I decided to change it due to the rumors of Billy Dee William's involvement. As many may know by now he was supposed to be in Batman Returns but was replaced with Max Schreck. Burton already introduced him in the first film and showcased what he considered as the two most popular villains in his first two movies (Joker and Penguin) so it seems logical for him to finally bring out Riddler and Two Face. Originally I didn't want to include Harvey Dent because I didn't want this to become a re-imagined Batman Forever but it's clear that the two were most likely going to be in Burton's Batman 3.

Originally Posted by TheWatcher View Post
I really cant wait to hear more on this!

Neat stuff!
Thanks for the support man.

Originally Posted by DaRkVeNgeanCe View Post
This was a project I was really hoping would come to life, hopefully someday Meddle you'll find the time to complete it up to your standards.
It's still going to happen. But the process is much slower than originally expected. I have a job, going to attend school shortly and been spending more time with my friends and girl as of late hence I kind of vanished from SHH for awhile. This project never vanished from the back of my head, I'm still working on it. The wait will definitely be worth it, I'll post updates in this thread more often.

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