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Default Re: Future team member discussion

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Who would you like to see in GOTG 2 in the event of a sequel?
If they make a 2nd, Marvel should make a Cosmic Phase separate from the Avengers Phases. This way we can see an Annihilation scale cosmic movie with more of the Guardians brought in together.

Such as have it start off with a Nova movie. Base it off of Annihilation: Nova. We'll witness Xandar's destruction, introduce Quasar (and kill him off), Phyla-Vell would have to be there in place of Drax. At the end she gets the quantum bands.

Next movie will be a Phyla-Vell movie with Moondragon, this can be based off of Annihilation: Conquest Quasar. Toward the end they awaken Adam Warlock.

Then now GotG 2. This will introduce the rest of the team. Now they must close the fissures in space/time and battle church of truth.

Then after, we'll have the Adam Magus movie where he teams up with the antagonists of the Nova film.

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