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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Finally watched '89 Batman. First off, I know how the movie centers around Joker, but Batman/Bruce Wayne has some pretty good screentime. And BTW, We did see his origin later in the movie when Alfred let Vicki in while he was contemplating. And did you guys notice the scenes that Dark Knight "borrowed"? Such as when Joker was talking to the Italian boss that said" You're crazy", and of course the "Hit me scene." I would have liked some better fight scenes and a better Vicki Vale, but this movie has kind of fell into that category of movies that you watch and not realize it is 2 hours long. PS: As for Joker, in this movie he was gangster with anger issues and he was crazy. I had no problem with that. IMO, his Joker was Cesar Romero meets Heath Ledger meets a Crazy Jack Nicholson. And I really love the atmosphere, even though I can't relate to it.

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