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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by DrexBat21 View Post
That MM box set looks great, and yes, Nurse Joker would be awesome.

I read on Twitter that Macy's will start carrying TRU items like dolls and action figures this season. Just another place to hunt on top of Walmart, K-Mart, Target, TRU, FYE, B& know the list.
Great.... yet another store that is **nowhere** near me. I have a KMart and a Walmart and that's it. The nearest Target, Macy's, TRU and B&N are an hour away from where I live. That's two hours round trip. And the FYE we have around here has *nothing*. It's been the same ole Twilight crap for like a year.

It is hella frustrating trying to collect in this part of the state. I always end up going online and paying like triple price for something, which I hate! That's why I am so bummed out by the announcements of TRU continuing the MM line. It's just something else that I'll have to overpay for or just end up going without....

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