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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 5

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
out of curiosity, does anyone know who the kid in the green shirt there is? ... Could be wishful thinking on my part definitely, but that kid surely could pass for a teenage Loki, I think. And it seems like, considering the childhood flashback in the first film, we could definitely get treated to a flashback of young Thor and Loki when they were still friends, before the you know what hit the fan.
Yeah, I think flashbacks to their childhood would be interesting. People speak highly of the books that cover their adolescence; maybe the movie will draw from that material.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
And speaking of changing things around for the sake of films. is anyone else troubled by Tyr appearing? I mean they said outright in the first film that Thor is first born and never mention Tyr. And yet the actor playing Tyr is clearly older than Chris. I find it hard to believe that Odin would not know he had another son. It doesnt bother me so much if they make a change from the comics, since sometimes it is necessary to the story for film, but to completely reverse something that was said in the previous movie? I mean, huh? Also from what I have read about Tyr, he is another troublesome brother, and I'm not sure Thor really needs yet another brother like that to deal with. I have a theory that possibly he will wind up being reinvented as a younger brother of Odin, come to try to take Asgard from Odin, and to sort of parallel Loki and Thor's conflicts. Will have to wait and see if I am right. But I feel like that might be much more interesting than just another troublemaking brother for Thor. also remember Laufey saying the house of Odin is full of traitors. Not just one but plural! I have a feeling we may find out more about that with the introduction of this character.
I agree with you about their probably not needing another troublesome brother running around.

After the last discussion of Tyr, I remembered that in some of the myths, he is represented as being the son of (random giant by the name of) Hymir. So maybe they will use that idea in the film. Then the whole issue of whether Tyr could challenge Thor's claim to the throne goes away.

I could see them using the Odin's brother idea too. I had forgotten about Laufey's remark; this would be a natural way to follow up on it.

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