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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

George Clooney was considered a "hunk" since day one. Will Smith was a rapper before Fresh Prince and was still a young man when he crossed over to films. Bruce Willis did one tv show - a show that highlighted his strengths as a potential leading man - and then went straight into movies where he had a megahit in Die Hard. The SNL example is "apples and oranges" and therefore irrelevant.

Michael Hall isnt a movie star, and nothing about his work on Dexter suggests he ever will be. He could get "character actor" work in films, sure. In fact, he almost certainly will once Dexter is over. Or he can star in moderately budgeted niche films. But the idea that hes gonna be the next big action star is ludicrous. 0% chance that happening. Not dissing the guy cuz hes very good on an otherwise mediocre show. And he was great on Six Feet Under. He simply doesnt have the face or the resume for it. And hes like 42, so that kind of "buzz" would have already happened. It hasnt.

I understand "fantasy" choices for certain roles, but reality is what it is.

The upcoming movie Kill Your Darlings is exactly the kind of movie I expect from Hall going forward. Plus supporting work in bigger productions. To me, that's a great career. Hes talented enough that he will always get work I think.

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