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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Hmmm... to restate again: the issue that I underlined was non-implied death, not dead bodies. Showing the people in the buildings that are about to get hit for instance. Avengers did have on-screen deaths earlier in the films of nameless combatants, yes, but that's a different horse than having civilians killed, and understandably so. That may be part of the line that can't be crossed for the rating thing. I think the main difference between Avengers and films like Star Wars and Transformers 3 is the third act though. In the former two, you have lots of clear casualties in that final act, in Avengers... none? Part of that has to do with the Avengers not having an army of redshirts with them, I'm sure, but a few clear deaths I think would have put them that tonal consistency on par with Star Wars and Transformers.

Again, it's understandable, not wanting to tell the story of a pyrric victory, but it's not something that was very compelling to me. The case in point was the ending montage, yes, we can guess a lot of people died by the candlelight vigils, but the core message was one of victory and hope. Put the natural consequences out of your mind. It's a creative choice, probably the right one in this case, but it does create an unanswered dichotomy.

I guess that parallels my issue, I loved Avengers, but one of my least favorite things about the Avengers was the comically unharmed civilians during the third act. My reaction to the people running in the streets and not getting hit at all was the same in Avengers and TDKR. Lots of people running around, getting shot at, but it was like an episode of GI Joe in both cases, everybody's fine. I think that's weak, perhaps necessary, but weak.
So, you're still saying that you don't need to see dead bodies for Avengers to be a better movie, but you just need to see dead bodies for Avengers to be a better movie.....?

You're just circumlocuting now, and it ain't pretty. Why don't you tell us *exactly* what you could have seen to make it give you the proper level of violence and gore to be satisfied?


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