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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

hey guys, i've been gone for a while for a few reasons. really bummed that bane was not done in time for NYCC and will not be done for my halloween season... so coming on here just depressed me.
anyway, went to NYCC and wore one of my costumes from last year as well as helping my friends with their costumes. if you guys happen to see a very convincing captain america with a metal sheild, or a gunzerker with a real beard and a buttload of bullets- that's some of my work. we've wound up on a bunch of websites- nbc, huffington post, escapist magazine, entertainment weekly, ign, not to mention the fact that me and my friend got our pictures taken by a cartoon network guy and he said we're going to be a bump on adult swim (sweet!)...
i saw a few banes, not as many as you would think. there were more finns from adventure time than banes. more female captain americas, too.
i saw suparnovax there but did not know it was him, otherwise i'd have said hi. 2 female banes, one current, one traditional. both did decent jobs. also ran across a combo bane, and a guy who does the classic bane who had to duck to get out the doors of the convention center- biiiig dude.
anyway, had a lot of fun, looking forward to devoting more time to bane to get it just right...

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