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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Yeah. I like to think Bane is always going to be the toughest physical challenge for Batman to face, regardless of what point in his career. That's just his archetype.

I think pretty much any fight between the two can go either way. After all, Bats and Bane both went 1 and 1 in TDKR. If Bruce had been less rash and more calculating, he might have had a chance in the first fight. (Eg. Interrogate one of the mercenaries..."WHY does he wear the maaahhhsssk?") Then again, supposedly they'd die before talking. Either way, if he had treated Bane's threat with more respect and wasn't so reckless, didn't have a secret death-wish...different ballgame. As the second fight showed.

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