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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 5

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
I always interpreted Odins demeanor when calling Thor his firstborn and teary eyed as that he was disappointed in who Thor was as far as his arrogance and childish behavior.
Actually he says that when he is about to give over the throne of Asgard so my impression would be (without Tyr involved) that this is a very emotional day for Odin most of all, giving up the throne (permanently, I am guessing due to the fanfare, not just due to Odinsleep), and maybe there is a degree of pride in thinking his son is ready now, and now he can get some much deserved rest. Thor has not quite shown how arrogant he can be at that point in the film, Odin says later he is a fool for thinking he was ready. The big question is, if Thor has now proven himself, then what is stopping Odin from giving over Asgard to him now??? My impression from Thor 1 is that Odin is growing more and more weak with age, and I'm not sure just a good Odinsleep is what is going to cure it. I've also wondered if Odin perhaps has forseen his own death, and was trying to get the new king in, and things going smoothly and as planned before that happened.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I agree, they have to give the context for how he fits in with the rest of the Asgardians.

Now, it could be that he actually is younger and just has not aged well. (hard living and all that) But I admit that's a bit of a stretch, especially when you have great liberty in casting.

Your scenario about Odin completely disowning him is certainly possible, but I agree, it strikes me as a stretch. He and Frigga sincerely embraced their adopted son, born of frost giants, as their own. And while Loki will be punished in T:TDW, he's not going to be completely cast out, with no one to speak of him ever again, which is how Tyr's exile would have had to have been in order for him to have been absent in Thor1.
I think the idea of him being disowned is more plausible than the explanation that he is Frigga's. The idea that he just hasn't aged well intrigues me, he could have been banished somewhere without powers, like Thor on Earth, and then just aged normally, I suppose, but then that's too much of a parallel with Thor. Again bit of a stretch I feel like, and a lot of stuff to get in there and explain, when it seems there is so much else to do. I actually really like the idea that he may be Odin's brother, who has perhaps betrayed him in past, and now trying to take control of Asgard, this would sort of parallel the Thor-Loki story. Remember again Laufey saying "the house of Odin is full of traitors" not just one but FULL of them. That's a bit of a loose thread that should be picked up and explained whether Tyr be a brother of Odin or Thor. Either way it would make sense for the character to strike when he believes that Odin is weak now and maybe about to die.

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