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Default Re: 11.3 - Haunted - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
It's not Bart. BQM said Bart is in the first digital issue, but not on the cover. Though that does look like the speed force around him, doesn't it?
Actually he is referring to Bert Camp from Masquerade


Bryan Miller ‏@bryanQmiller

I wonder who THIS might be… “@KSiteTV: #Smallville Print Comic #9 Solicit: An Old Friend Returns!
20h Chris McDavid ‏@henchman21

@bryanQmiller Is it fallen police office Hunter Camp?

</DIV>20h Bryan Miller ‏@bryanQmiller

@henchman21 No… it's @grahamtracey !

</DIV>20h Mach Punter ‏@MK2Fac3

@bryanQmiller @henchman21 @grahamtracey not Bert Camp?

</DIV>20h Bryan Miller ‏@bryanQmiller

@MK2Fac3 @henchman21 @grahamtracey Bert is in the first chapter of that arc, but not on the cover

and he did say there was going to a Bart centric storyline on twitter a while back so I guess it's this arc.

Plus to me Bart is a combination of Barry(origin, founding member of JLA, Protects Central City,costume similar to Barry and Wally's Flash costume with a hint of Smallville Green Arrow, Captain Cold is a villian, vibrates through walls, hair do in "Run" look like John Wesley Shipp/Comics Bary, 2nd speedster after Jay,around Clark's age,moment in Rebirth where Barry and Clark seem to be same speed by Barry is revealed to be way faster than Clark,etc), Wally(got powers as a kid, fast metabolisim, flirts like Wally originally did,protect Keystone from a crisis in Hex,etc) and Bart elements(Someone(Green Arrow, Batman) named him Impulse, personality like Impulse from the comics, youngest member of the JL) in one character(similar to Wally West in STAS/JL/JLU cartoons, Barry in The Batman as well as the live action Flash show, Hairdo after Justice, etc) so it makes no sense to me to bring Barry and Wally or reveal Bart is from the future when Bart has the elements of both.

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