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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
Black zero is not the spider like machine. But It's crazy bc i was just telling my girlfriend that the Earth One story could be part of the movie. lol! She was asking me which of my novels to read in preparation for the movie. I told her maybe Birthright, Earth One and Secret Origins would be her best bet. Now this commercial confirms that we weren't too far off on these boards... haha
I remember when Henry Cavill brought up Earth One as part of the source material he was reading, but then acknowledged that fans thought it was a "mixed bag." Maybe he knew that elements of it were being used for the movie. And yeah it does look to be that way, but at least we'll get a Kryptonian enemy with Zod and not an alien from a neighbouring planet, who also destroyed Krypton. Which was the main thing I think that upset fans, since it changed a main part of the lore.

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