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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

i put my vest on the back burner but i am planning on adhering layer of some squishy foam to the inside of the armor piece, about a 1/4 smaller all the way around, then just stitching it on. i figure that will work for the recessed edge look, but it's still in the planning stages. maybe do a mini mock-up and see how it looks? the idea of an armored cover for my kitchenaid mixer is crackin me up right now.

side note, since my own head mold did not work, i am considering looking for a cast of the muzzle and side pieces to incorporate with my own upper portion and tubing that i already have. this would be something a few months down the line, ideally. if anyone has a rough cast they dont need, let me know. probably my best bet at this point. not asking for a handout, willing to pay for it as long as it is not in horrible shape.

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