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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
Who's your choice flickchick?
Not gonna lie, even though I was against it at the beginning, I had very much warmed up to the idea of having a blonde-haired, American-accented Hayley Atwell playing the part. But what new actresses would I like for Sharon? There are plenty who could be good, imo.

For blondes:

-Sienna Miller
-Romola Garai
-Abbie Cornish
-Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men:FC is not in this universe, so I don't care if she's Mystique)
-Diane Kruger
-Yvonne Strahovski (a better Ms. Marvel candidate, imo, but could fit either. Move along, Majik. Nothing to see here. )

If they're not looking for a blonde Sharon:

-Rose Byrne (Don't care if she's Moira. I wanted her character to have more scenes with Evans in Sunshine.)
-Emily Blunt
-Keira Knightley (mostly just because I'm intrigued by the thought of her in a superhero flick now that she's apparently been up for two, lol)
-And yeah, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Not necessarily inspired, but still a good choice. I could believe her both as a kickass SHIELD agent AND as a relative of Haley Atwell's Peggy.

I'm sure there are others because, tbh, this should be a pretty easy role to cast compared to certain other female CBM roles, but those are just the ones who came to mind first. I basically just want someone who naturally has a certain level of toughness about them while seeming like a good match for Evans.

Felicity Jones, Imogen Poots, Anna Kendrick and Emelia Clarke are all actresses I'd love to see in a Marvel movie, and I'd be perfectly happy with any of them in this role...they just wouldn't have been on my personal list for this character at all. But then again, maybe this incarnation of Sharon Carter isn't gonna be what we're expecting, either. Based on those names, that seems like a real possibility.


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