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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Thanks.Yep everthing mentioned suggested an r rating was were they were
aiming to here

As for
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Yuriko It seems she was changed.In breakdown from first draft she was mentioned as Wolverine's bodyguard who shares attraction to wolverine who Is secretly working for shingen but becomes more on wolverine's side.As for ending the ending of mariko would probally resemble last stand a bit too much

as for wolverine vs Villains
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I am hoping for 2 duels vs Shingen.1 where he defeats Wolverine and the other where wolverine kills him.I am hoping wolverine has to go through the silver samuri to get to shingen for final duel.If they keep Mariko being killed at end my suspecion Is eather the SS,or Viper or Both are responable.If we can have wolverine going through a group of ninjas,then the silver samurai,and finally SHingen that would be great to see onscreen

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