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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

I don't see Bane coming to Gotham if not for Talia. It was her that was ensuring that the League of Shadows fulfilled its mission right after her dad died. You're supposed to believe like Bruce that it was Bane's "fascinating motivation" you learned about in the Pit until the moment when you are supposed to stop believing that because it's explained. This is Nolan's shtick going back to Following, I guess I'm so used to it. Bane first appears to be working for Daggett in Gotham (a ruse), then he appears to be his own man (a ruse), and then the truth comes out (the reveal).

Talia turned to Bane (as Ra's once turned to Bruce to do the same), a very dedicated protector man whose body got messed up the way it was because he helped her in the past. Legend was that she was the "innocent" that Bane thought was the "redemption" of all the prisoners in "hell". Bane showed his intelligence off under various random conditions when Talia wasn't around so it's clear that puppet or simple lackey is the wrong word to describe him. I remember the Entertainment Weekly writer referring to Bane as a jacked-up puppet which seemed to imply he was stupid or was somehow in the same category as Daggett. Yeah, there was a ruse but that description went too far.

He was ready to die for her when Talia hit the trigger to the bomb. Bane was a cowed man in her presence, perhaps out of love as Talia says. Only until she said the equivalent of goodbye forever and was gone did he go against himself as well on what he told Bruce in the Pit, that he would have to wait until Gotham is ashes before Bruce could die. It showed Bane was now just too scared to even guard Batman for 11 minutes and allowed Selina to kill him without coming across as a murderer.

Anyway, this mostly makes Bane a better, more interesting character in my book than say, The Joker.

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