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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Yeah, I do recall the red scarf guys BB, so maybe that's a moot point.

Still though, Barsad was Bane's second in command and had to have known about Talia's role in the mission, yet he still showed a clear sense of admiration and loyalty to Bane. Same goes for the guy that obeyed Bane's order to go down with the plane without hesitation. The LOS's mission in the movie couldn't have worked without Bane's tactical expertise, physical prowess and natural leader tendencies. And it also couldn't have worked with Talia's infiltration of Wayne Enterprises and access to the reactor. Both had crucial roles to play, but Bane was definitely more than hired muscle. Bane would have only been a stooge if Talia was somehow running the show without him knowing, similar to how people like Daggett, Crane and the mob were used and played in the previous movies. The reality is quite the contrary, as Bane and Talia clearly had an open and clear understanding of a shared mission. I see it like them being two parents who have birthed this mission together.

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