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Default Re: "MMPR" - Power Rangers fan film/webseries

Synopsis -


The Power Rangers have vanished. Lord Zedd, their greatest enemy, has been defeated. The world is saved. Tommy Oliver, no longer the White Ranger, is in exile; running…hiding…waiting…for evil to find him again.

The world has moved on. Now, 20 years later, Lord Zedd has returned - stronger, faster and nastier. Slowly regaining his powers and at the helm of a new army, he is looking for revenge against Tommy.

Haunted by his past and having given up on fighting for the world, Tommy is tracked down by Zedd and his minions. But with the help of a mysterious woman named Beth, they discover that Zedd is looking for more than revenge...much more.

Now, to stop the forces of evil, Tommy and Beth seek help in stopping Zedd : Cole, an underground street fighter looking to do battle with anyone and everyone, April and Dylan Apollo, twin sisters as different as night and day, seeking to protect the earth more than its people, and Collins, a police officer who’s no stranger to villains.

Together, Tommy and his new team are all that stands between Zedd and the end of the world. Will they triumph, or will Zedd finally destroy his greatest threat once and for all?

Reformed, repowered, the POWER RANGERS are back.

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