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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

I seem to remember her being quoted as having a "small" role in the movie, so no I dont think she'll be THE villian (as Death or whoever she is), or at least she certainly wont be shown any more than the Other and Thanos were in Avengers. It seems pretty obvious that Malekith and Kurse are THE villians, just as Loki is the main villain in Avengers 1, and yet Thanos and the Other were involved, and the Chitauri appeared at the end. But Loki carried the majority of the villain role in the movie (in screen time anyway), and I think Malekith and Kurse will do the same in Thor 2.

Hey, it's not up to us what they do. Wish it was. I'm just trying to figure out how it all may fit in, in the bigger picture. Because it's the nature of the beast that Marvel has created here. They are going to want to keep tying things in between the franchises and keep the Avengers links going with the audience in the solo films. Just as they tied them together initially using Coulson, but they dont have Coulson anymore so they will likely be looking for other ways to do that. They dont have to beat people over the head with it by having huge battles between the same villains and heroes, and then again in Avengers. That would be tedious, I think. but building up to a big battle in Avengers, by using such characters and elements subtly, that I can definitely see happening.

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