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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Since the beginning of this month I've been having a sort of "Horror Fest" of film scores by various film composers (at least the ones I own anyway b/c I don't own all of 'em) that deal with horror, suspense, monsters, etc. In the order of the film's release date.

The one's of Elfman that I've already listened to...


What else needs to be said that hasn't been said already about this amazing score. And gotta love the "iconic" Beetlejuice theme. Which better be used in the planned sequel, which tbh I hope doesn't get made. Just leave it alone. The last thing I want is this unnecessary sequel to taint this great film.

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another masterpiece (both film and score) that I can't praise enough. It's also another score where Elfman was robbed of at least an oscar nomination, imo. Elfman IS Jack Skellington. Listening to the songs dealing with Jack ("Jack's Lament", "Jack's Obsession", "Poor Jack") I can tell Elfman really connected with that character probably more than any character(s) he's ever written music for. The song demos are also a treat.

Sleepy Hollow

Again another masterpiece from Elfman to an underrated and underappreciated Burton film, imho. This score is at times gloomy, gothic, whimsical, tender, frightening, bombastic, rich, and haunting. The headless horseman theme is very striking and menacing. Again another score that deserves all the praise that it gets.

Red Dragon

Another masterpiece by Elfman that I believe is underappreciated by many. The movie also turned ten this month on the 4th. Elfman does not hold back on the darkness and suspense with this score, imo. Nothing whimsical, elegant, heroic, or quirky about it either. And who doesn't enjoy the haunting and melancholic "Main Titles" to this. The Red Dragon theme is creepy, sadistic, and chilling (especially in tracks "Logos", "The Old Mansion", "Enter The Dragon", "Love on a Couch", "Devouring the Dragon") The "End Credits Suite" is probably one of my favorite end credits music by Elfman. I wish he'd write longer end credits music like that more often. That's something he rarely does these days, which is a shame. But Elfman was unrestrained and really got to let loose his dark side with this one, imo.

What's left (for the Elfman score's anyway) "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride", "The Wolfman (2010)", "Dark Shadows (2012)", "Frankenweenie (2012)", which I still have yet to hear outside the film. Though I have the cd.

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