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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
The Days Of Future Past storyline hinges on something in the past that must be changed to preserve the future. Assuming something similar will happen in the film, what do you guys think our heroes could/should be trying to avert? and How do you think it will affect the future?

In the alternate future - Senator Kelly is still in power and has begun a war on mutants commisioning a group of Sentinel (robots to hunt down any that remain)

Build up - after the events of first class humanity is considering its largest undertaking yet, the start of a project to wipe out mutants - codenamed project 'Sentinel' meanwhile Magneto ups the game by deciding to attack a U.S. senate. The X-men face a horrible choice when it turns out they may need to 'save' their greatest foe and let him slaughtered hundreds for the greater good.

Original timeline (Needs to happen) - Magneto attacks a Senator meeting causing the humans to become frightened (Because they are frightened they are too scared to start work on the 'Sentinel project') however hundreds are killed

New timeline (leads to alternate future) - Charles is put in a coma when Magneto brings the building down when he is killed during a battle with the X-men by a new mutant (Wolverine) who joins the team briefly - and becomes the source of communication with the 'future professor x'

Conclusion -
The timeline is reset.
Wolverine has no memory of the incident and noone other than Charles and Magneto know what happened (as they were the centre of the event)

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