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Default Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part I Review

Really enjoyed this and it's perhaps one of my favourite animated adaptations. It achieves that rare thing that so many animated features fail to and that's to be so engrossing. I really felt engaged by the whole thing.

The first fight between the mutant leader and Batman was just insane and surprisingly violent (I say surprisingly because there are one or two cuts in this feature of risky lines from the graphic novel - for example, the guy Lana is debating calling her fat, and Batman not following his "You've got plenty of rights" line with "Sometimes I count them to make myself feel insane" line.).

I also surprisingly loved the soundtrack too. Again, it's a rarity for me to dig a soundtrack from an animated soundtrack. I'm really happy with how this work out. 4 out of 5 for me as far as animated features go.

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