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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by CoreyIAN View Post
Those who read the script,

so Yashida is Mariko's father?

Yashida arrange Mariko to be married to Noburo or Shingen?

Mariko doesn't fight? She's a love interest? A damsel in distress?

Yukio works for Yashida? Noburo? Shingen?

Yukio is good or bad?

Logan is the only mutant in the film?

So does Viper has a huge part? She is like Mystique?

How many fight scenes are there?

Who dies in this movie? Does Mariko dies in this movie?

Does Silver Samurai have a large role in this?

Who does Viper works for?

Thank you very much

after they answer all those questions I guess you can stay home since it would be pointless too see the movie....right??

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