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Default Re: Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

Wow nice thread. This is tough. I remember the first time I saw the dark knight and Ramirez says "he hasn't shown yet?" and Gordon replies "he often doesn't" why "hopefully, because he's busy", I knew I was in for something really special. That one detail I'd never really thought about because I'd always seen it portrayed where they shine the light and the batman shows up.

Anyway top 3 is a little tough. Banes conversation with Bruce in the prison, their first fight, tdk prologue and ending monologue, tdkr ending all great moments. For me personally I'd say the two face hostage scene is top 3 but right now my favorite scene hands down is Bruce rising from the pit. It really stirs something within every time I see it or listen to"why do we fall?"

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