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Default Re: Funcom tops Oslo stock exchange, invests heavily in The Secret World

The Secret World unveils Cat God storyline for Halloween

(37 minutes ago)
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Autumn is finally upon us (unless you live in Florida like I do), and every MMO player knows what that means: Halloween events! But how do you celebrate Halloween in a game where every day is nothing but ghosts and ghouls? You add more ghosts and ghouls, obviously. At least that's The Secret World's strategy. Funcom's horror-centric MMO is going all-out for its Halloween bash by introducing a new storyline and villain. With some help from Kingsmouth's local medium, Madame Rog├ęt, players will unravel the mystery of the enigmatic Cat God.

But of course, what would Halloween be without trick-or-treating? During TSW's Halloween event, players who play through the new missions will be rewarded with goody bags that contain unique items such as "edible treats which give cool buffs, potions with unique and ominous effects and wondrous objects which can transform [players] into monstrous creatures." And for those of you who like turning innocent holidays about dead people into fervent competition, the event will also play host to a game-wide competition. The secret society with the most active members will win unique prizes. All players on the winning faction will receive the Jade Mouser cat non-combat pet, and the secret society will earn the "eternal gratitude of all catkind," which will add a new, permanent feature to that society's headquarters. To see more of what awaits you, check out the trailer after the cut, then go get in the game because the event is live today!
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