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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

The transparent, floating screens pointed in all directions. Methodically she worked her eyes down them before she found the one she wanted.
East Dock 

“Míga ríða” she chimed softly. Turning she continued to sprint through the crowd, a task made easy by her height and appearance. The crowd naturally gave way to her, she also took the opportunity to surreptitiously snatch some items from a few vendors carts as she glided by. Siv had learned long ago that not everyone noticed her ‘second’ set of arms, this had made her life a far cry easier when she’d first left her world.

Hellfire’s voice crackled over her comm. She could barely make out his yells over the background blaster fire, but she could hear the blasters from two locations. Her comm ear and also faintly to her left. Veering off the main path she followed till she reached the location. Taking cover she looked around to locate the captain. Her large violet eyes scanned the area. Large ships were docked in rows, casting long shadows from the sun above. Judging by the stacks and stacks of cargo boxes in various styles the east docks were apparently for cargo, not tourists. This would make things easier. She checked her armlet and then ducked behind some Holdorian crates. The captain was off to her right, behind a cargo box, in a firefight with two cultists. In the distance she could see Barb being dragged by others.

“I am here. Let me take them on the left flank.”

Reaching into her pockets she emptied them to see what she’d grabbed on the way over, using all her hands she sifted through it all. A lomox candle, a bottle of engine oil for a class 56 J type, and… that was enough. Lomox candles were outlawed in half the planets of this sector, because once they were robbed of their predetermined shape they became highly unstable on a molecular level. Made for some pretty but unimpressive light shows. Moving to the left of the Captain she dodged between the docked ships and flanked the cultists.
In the corner of her eye she saw other movements behind the crates and assumed they were the rest of her crew.

“Please be ready in approximately 10 seconds. I am not sure what to expect.”

Crouching behind the landing gear of a ship she opened the bottle of oil and emptied half of it on the ground before crushing the candle between all her hands, dumping the crumbles into the bottle she tossed towards the cultists and waited. In seconds it had worked. The candle crumbles sparked in the bottle, setting off the oil. The bottle exploded open and a thick green haze covered the area. A smile crept onto her face. Worked better than she’d expected. At the very least she’d figured the sound of the bottle would have alerted them to her and bought the Captain a second of reprieve to aim.

“I have this contained.”

Standing she held her arm out and aimed with her armlet at the cloud, walking towards it slowly.

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