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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
I think the first arc was the best, though it would require some heavy grounding.

The guy's basically a training tool for DD to prepare for Kingpin. He's menacing & powerful enough to make for a good first foe.

I think Michael Rooker would nail him.
You mean Owl's first appearance in DD issue 3? I don't think that issue is meaty enough for a movie. Owl has seem to compelling in his own right, not just seem like a placeholder for a better crime boss villain down the road. The problem is Kingpin is a way better crime boss then Owl, Kingpin is far more intelligent, classy and intelligent then Owl is. Owl has come off as something other then a second rate crime boss if he is going to be the Big Bad of a movie.

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