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Default Re: Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

3) Batman vs the GCPD:
From the nightmarish viewpoint of Crane after a "taste of his own medicine," the elegant homage to Year One as the bats conceal his escape, to the tumbler carnage Batman creates (while subtly looking nervous himself at times), it's great.

2) Batman/Bane Sewer fight:
Tremendous acting and shows Batman in such an unnerving, powerless state. Just Hardy's dialogue is classic, aside from the action. Grabbing Batman out of the shadows as he explains how futile those parlor tricks are almost puts this at #1. Almost.

1) Joker Interrogation:
Obviously brilliant acting for one, but also, it shows the dichotomy of Batman himself and also the nature of his relationship with the Joker better, and quicker, than almost any other medium I've ever seen. As great as he is, once again, he's utterly powerless against an evil he indirectly created. There was a palpable tension I could feel through the audience inside the theater. It was this scene where you realize this movie isn't just good, it's something else entirely, and all that talk about Heath wasn't just lip-service, it was downright true...

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