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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by stricky345 View Post
Here is an update on my sad excuse of a sculpt:

Next days will be dedicated to smoothing everything up and do the final touch-ups..

Frustrated how everything turned out.. The head-cast was warped a lot towards the back of the head and it is very flat-headed, which screwed up the whole positioning of the side. I hope once this is cast up, that actually wearing it, stretches everything in order a bit, but don't have much hope..

The clay dried up considerably already and I hope that that and my sloppy working doesn't bite me in the arse at the end...
Your two main problems were:

1: bad life cast.
2: you used wet clay.

You would have had an infinitely easier time with just a generic head, and some sulfur-free modeling clay bro.

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