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Default Re: So Ms. Marvel and Falcon are definitely in? Oh and what about Ant Man?

I only see Iron Patriot/War Machine and Falcon officially being added to the roster in Avengers 2. Obviously the Guardians will show up but that will be more of a team team-up than any of them actually joining The Avengers (except for perhaps Star Lord as an honorary member). Hank, Janet, and Carol may all be introduced together in the film, which makes sense as I think they all knew each other before becoming super heroes in the comics anyway.

That said, there's always the possibility of them introducing a new Avenger in the film itself, which is what they sort of did with Hawkeye if you don't count that 2 minute cameo he had in Thor. This would be the obvious way to introduce Vision though I don't see that happening this film due to lack of Ant-Man and of course, by association, lack of Ultron. I can see that happening possibly with Captain Marvel (which would set up Ms. Marvel) or Nova, both of whom make sense as this will likely be a highly cosmic movie. I'd say Captain Marvel is more likely than Nova though.

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