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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Wolverine is attracted to darkness, yes. But, that has limits IMO, and some of those ideas cross boundaries for me.
Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
There's such a thing as too much and most of the things you're describing meet that criteria.
I think sadly, we're still at a point in the genre where any exploration of sexual undertones whether they're romantic or morbid, still remains taboo.

The main reason for that of course being that studios target these films primarily at the kids, despite the fact that the true demographic for them begins with teenagers/young adults.

The best example I can think of overtly safe writing in regards to sexuality is Branagh's Thor. In the MCU, Thor falls for Jane after 48 hours. In the real world that would never happen - and if it did, a one night stand would not be out of the question. But we know one night stands don't exist in the MCU. At least not after the studio abandoned the anti-safe approach Favreau delved into with Iron Man (Leslie Bibb's one night stand with RDJ) & Norton with TIH (Banner's inability to sleep with Betty due to his condition).

Humans have sex. Sex has a vast amount of degrees.

In order for this CBM genre to grow, characters need to start behaving more human. Sex is too big a part of the human psyche to completely ignore.

The studios are slowly figuring it out though. BLACK SWAN made $330 Million worldwide, $107 in the U.S. alone with a $10 Million production cost, an R-rating and a lesbian sex scene.

"Safe" no longer equates to more profit. The last Wolverine film was completely geared at children and look how that turned out.

Some of the Marvel characters need to roam in a canvas free of restraint. Wolverine, The Punisher & Daredevil simply work better when brought down to our level.

That's why I loved what Darren did with this story. He fiercely tackled the Wolverine legend & grounded it in the real world ten steps ahead of Nolan.

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