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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was indeed a steaming pile of filth with that said I wouldn't want Wolverine portrayed as this weird sexual deviant who's also a sadomasochistic to top it off. That's as bad as what they did to him in that candyland Tom Rothman plagued Origins film. Going to extremes in most cases always turns out badly and I think Mangold's Wolverine is reaching a middle ground where it won't be anywhere near as sterile as XO:W but nowhere near as demented as what you're describing either.

There's already a puddle of blood in one of the shots with Silver Samurai so that already is a major step up from Wolverines last outing.

Exploring a characters sexuality isn't a bad thing but Aronofsky as great of a director and writer he may be I do believe has had a couple of stumbles. I absolutely detested his Year One script. There was nothing transcendent about that other than being a complete desecration of the Batman mythology.

While I like some things from the supposed Aronofsky Wolverine script you're describing, a lot of it feels really off base on who the character is and ventures into the unnecessary.

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