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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Some of the most unimaginative people I've come across on the internet are comic fans. God forbid a director take a character places the fans have never seen before (or imagined). Everything in those scene discriptions is completely in step with what I can imagine the character doing in those circumstances. Especially when removed from the comic panels and filtered through the cinematic lens. Brought to life in a medium which demands so much more. And which should be aspired to.

Here is something interesting Chris Claremont said of the comic genre some years ago "If you freeze a character into a certain set of perameters, usually for convenience - of other writers, of readers, of merchandisers, whatever - then before long that character runs the risk of becoming sterile. Writers and ultimately readers, may stop thinking of the character as a vital, real, three-dimensional being and instead come to percive him (or her) as an agglomeration of stock elements. Wind them up, turn them loose, and put them through their stock paces. Nothing changes, nothing grows."

This can certainly be applied to the film genre. If people aren't willing (or allowed) to push the boundries, or to take creative chances, then the genre will get stale and irrelevant really quick. Cynicism will set in as the genre becomes nauseatingly predictable. Sooner or later it will have to evolve. Or it will die. Why not start now?

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