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Default Re: Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

Originally Posted by VenomShock View Post
I'll pick one from each movie:

Batman Begins: The escape from Arkham. Batman jumping down amongst the bats with the main theme playing as he opens his cape. Running through the hallway with Bats flying around, with the two prisoners looking at him with interest from inside their cells. Powerful. The imagery pretty much makes this scene for me, it's so batmany. The music is beautiful, it's my favourite piece in the entire film.

Runner up -Right after Batman repeats the line back to Rachel, he flies over the streets and people see a horrific version of him. My favourite part is Ra's Al Ghul and the other members of the league hearing the shrieks and screams of the people of Gotham grow lowder and turn, eventually to see Batman fly in.

The Dark Knight - The Final Sequence with Two-Face. Intense, emotionally trying, has some of the best acting from the entire film, and is a great conclusion to the movie. Aaron Eckhart gets the shaft a lot, but I thought this scene proved that he did just as good as Heath. JUST as good. It's such a great scene.

Runner up - The twist on the classic Batman interrogation method (Batman actually throwing the guy [Sal] off the building).

The Dark Knight Riseslol I should have described mine a little more.: The fulfillment of the title. I think it's one of the alltime great scenes in cinema history now. A classic bit. And the bats? That just took the scene and made it 10x greater. Brilliant music, brilliant cinematography, wonderfully concieved. Well done, Chris Nolan.

Runner up - First Bane fight. Hard to pick with so many GREAT scenes in this movie. But I loved this scene, it was BRUTAL. The dialogue, the way it plays out with Bane criticizing every one of Batman's tactics. The most chilling part for me was Batman screaming in a mix of anger/exhaustion/pain as Bane loomed into frame.
damn now I feel I should go edit my post with more description.of the movies.

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