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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by Mindreaper21 View Post

For example, in SR Superman struggled to land a plane, yet could toss an island made of kryptonite into outer space without it breaking in half. The reason why the plane scene is more impressive is because you can see Superman struggle to save the people on that plane and it showed real heroism. If Superman would have just grabbed the plane and landed it as if it was as easy as taking a shower, then it would have just been a really boring scene.
Urm.. Superman in SR could have stopped the plane right in the upper atmosphere without any difficulty, but he did not do it because if he had done such a thing, then all the people inside the plane (who were also travelling at the same speed as the plane in which they were seated) would have been crushed to pulp by colliding with the planes interior metallic body, when the plane just stopped abruptly mid air by Superman.

Superman has to save lives of passengers inside the plane as well, not just stop the plane from crashing, here even Supes has to respect laws of physics.

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
If a rocket can send him flying so many meters back... don't expect an extremely powered Superman.
Again, Superman thrown a few meters back is not due to him being powered down but as the laws of physics dictate that unless Superman is much heavier so that he could absorb the momentum he gained by the rocket impact he will be thrown backwards.

Superman is more powerful then Humans, Not much Heavier.


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