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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
I think this will be my case as well at some point
Love the emotions on the face of this Hulk
Yeah, of the two Ang's was definately the more humane Hulk and you could easily tell what his Hulk was feeling in any given moment. I actually didnt mind Hulk having few lines in Ang's movie because his facial expressions told us what he was feeling anyway.

Damn, its been a while, will have to watch this movie again soon.

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
It always baffles me when TIH fans act like it was a giant success and Hulk was a giant failure. Two films with virtually the same box office gross and critical reaction, yet everyone turns a blind eye to TIH's failure or just blames it on Hulk.
Same here, if Ang's Hulk effected anything with tIH (which I dont think it did) it would have been the opening weekend, if TIH was so good, WOM would have propelled it to better BO after returns after that, it didnt, hence the movie simply wasnt that good to have the masses telling others to go and see it.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
A highly contestable point. Hulk 2004 had great flaws, but it also had great virtues.
VERY contestable, for me, though I like both, Hulk is the much better movie.

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