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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

I'm also opposed to Cavill being part of the JL movie as I feel it would take away from the tone being set by his individual movie(s).

The Avengers (whilst great) was much more of a popcorn movie and had a much lighter tone that allowed them to get away with alot of hokeyness.

If they must do a JL movie I would rather them maybe try and adapt Mark Waid's JL:Year One which didn't have Supes or Bats, instead featuring Flash, GL, Black Canary, MM, Aquaman. If they maybe went with the new Arabic GL (distance it from last years abomination) and swapped MM for Cyborg (diversity). So the movie could spotlight more lesser known DC chars and be in a different lighter tone continuity to what Nolan and Snyder have done.

That may seem like a messy approach but I don't see how having 2 different movie continuity's would be any different to having the Disney/Marvel movies and FOX's X-Men movies (totally different canon).

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