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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by Cunning Stunts View Post
Bane. For a number of reasons.

1.- With a younger Batman comes a younger Bane. That's the one variable I have yet to see anyone acknowledge.
What difference would that make. Old Bane only won because Batman was older and out of shape.

2.- Bane and Batman had the same training. Bane knew what Batman was going to bring to the table.
Batman still kicked his ass in round 2.

3.- Bane was born in the strife that Batman only really got to emulate. This can drive a fighter a lot, as they're born into that fire, rather than attempting to throw themselves into it and expect a similar outcome. Compare two new students in a martial arts class who have just earned their second belts. One grew up in a safe neighborhood, while the other had to fight his way to school every day. The latter has had to learn how to fight to survive, not fight to win a fight. That goes an extremely long way.
Yeah except Bruce spent years travelling the world fighting and mixing with criminals. Ra's still called him his greatest student. So Bruce's training and performance was better than Bane's.

4.- Bane is not only physically stronger (which will certainly help in a match versus an equally or more skilled opponent), but also tougher. Not only because of his pain suppressant, but both films make it very clear he can take extreme punishment with little to no damage. Pain slows, but damage stops. Bane didn't take damage, even aside from his pain. Bane very clearly toyed with Batman throughout the entirety of the first encounter they had.
Bane was breathing through a gas mask to stay alive. He was physically weaker than Batman. He only beat Batman because he was 8 years out of shape and practice with a strap on his leg.

Easy pickings.

5.- Up until Batman met Bane, he had never had an opponent who could match him physically. All we saw who gave him any semblance of a challenge was Ra's, which wasn't a lot. Just like Batman clearly didn't know how to react during his first fight with Bane, an even younger and more arrogant Batman wouldn't have known what to do in his earlier years.
Ra's matched him physically. Ra's was his trainer. If you're trainer can't match you then nobody can.

Bane only ever wins against Batman when he is at a disadvantage. Same in Knightfall. He knows he can't beat him in a fair fight.

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