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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
It's sad that we are so burned that no matter how good a movie feels or sounds or looks that we still have this voice in the back of our heads telling us,"be careful, this is a Superman movie and it might Suck..."

I mean, I feel pretty confident about MOS as it stands. But JL just adds this uncertainty to the future of the MOS franchise. We might get this one amazing film... then JL, which could be a complete trainwreck, would be part of that franchise if Cavill where involved... and then we could end up, further down the line, with an attempt at an MOS sequel that is the equivilent to B&R

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
I suppose but to the general masses 'Justice League' could mean anything. They could maybe get away with not having them...?
I would be happy with that, but there is absolutely no way in hell they will do that. Batman and Superman are the main selling points of the team... people will come and see it just because it has them in. Without them, people may not bother.

'Why do I find all of this so horrible to explore?
Sure, they are interesting questions that I don't mind seeing in an elseworlds GN. But as a theme for the film that is kicking off the tone of the whole JL, and in a film that is presenting Superman to the general audience in a way that current generations will remember him?
I just don't like it. It's dark, it's depressing and it's not how I like the tone of Superman films to be.'
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