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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I disagree with that being "a disservice to the genre". Thats a bit much. THose ideas can be a good thing or bad. Most want a faithful representation, as would anyone watching a novel adaption. Since this film is based on a particular stroyline most want this film as close as possible but theres about 40 years of material exploring Wolverine in the comics
I want a faithful representation as well, I don't think those scenes are unfaithful. It captures elements, or spirit of the character that we've seen through the 40 years of storylines.

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
And moving away from the panels has not made Wolverine a better character so far.
When I say "explore beyond the panels" I don't mean changing the core of the character as developed in the comics, but to expand the canvas for Wolverine's characteristics to exist in. There are things to be inferred.

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Even with 4 movies they havnt came close to reaching his potential imo. It needs to try and grab the essence of why the character works in this story and setting as much as possible.
I agree that Wolverine hasn't come close to his potential yet on screen, but feel that some of these scene descriptions go a long way into capturing the essence of why the character works in this particular story.

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I have no problem with the sexual stuff I am hearing from that draft.Just like In amazing spider-man series I am hoping they have Peter and Gwen having sex before she Is killed..
I agree completely.

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