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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by StarvingArtist View Post
Dude, just for the record his post had zero logic and reason and was entirely pure subjective opinion. He doesn't get what the big deal is, he doesn't have a problem with the Lee suit. That's an opinion, not logic. And we're both entitled to our opinions. But I at least was reasoning through why I personally don't like the armor suit. But you were right, my post definitely could have been read as histrionic and indignant. You want to go ahead and smugly agree with him then fine, you're hilarious.

I'm gonna have to pick it up. Now I'm curious

And btw, watched the comic con footage with a friend the other day. There's no doubt in my mind the suit's gonna look f-in awesome. Seems they're going for really iconic looking shots to feature the suit. Refreshing since there were practically none in Dark Knight Rises.
People need to remember, being super strong, doesn't necessarily mean they can't get hurt. I can bench heavier than average weights, i can still die from an infected paper cut, a slit throat poison.

I expect that in the new 52, he is strong, but not invinsible - a bomb would hurt, a body slam by a train off guard would hurt. But, like once stated, if he is truly that song, bench pressing the world, surely the world to him would be lke walking through a city made of tissue..

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