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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
They shouldn't make her skinny, but they certainly shouldn't make her that "gifted" lol. She's a teenage girl, she can't be drawn with boobs all over the place. Just like they can't draw Clark like some steroid freak. Yes, they both should be in great shape but balance is the key. That's something many artists unfortunately don't seem to realize or are being pushed by people above them to do. I actually like Gary Frank's Kara a lot. God help us if they ever let Rob Liefeld be an ongoing Superman artist...
LOL, yeah nothing is as bad as Liefield. But there should definitely be balance. I don't mind her being skinny, but when she has a tiny waistline, it starts to head into the same exaggerated look as Superman looking like a steroid junkie. Both go into the comic/video game stereotypes of what the ideal bodies should look like.

I think one of the best transformations I've seen in recent times is the Tomb Raider franchise. Lara Croft has always been known to have a skinny waistline but huge boobs, but with the recent reboot, they've ground it so she looks more like a real girl than some fantasy. I commend them and really do wish this was done more in both industries.

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