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Default Re: The Batman (1966) Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I always giggle every time I watch that episode because the stories of what a total ass hole Otto Preminger was to everyone are legendary. They all despised him. Based on what Adam West says about him in his autobiography, it was all justified.

He would do things like insult women on their looks and weight, stand close to someone and then ask someone else in a loud voice if that person was gay, tried to tell everyone how to act and what poor actors they were etc.

One funny story is the scene where Batman and Robin have to pick up the unconscious Mr. Freeze and put him in a block of ice, Adam said Preminger stiffened his body and resisted being picked up. Twice Adam tried to pick him up but he couldn't pick up over 200 pounds of resisting weight. So he "accidentally" stepped on Preminger's hand. After that Preminger let him pick him up.
Haha, thanks for the info, that's hilarious. I need to pick up Adam West's book.

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