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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Vaibow View Post
People need to remember, being super strong, doesn't necessarily mean they can't get hurt. I can bench heavier than average weights, i can still die from an infected paper cut, a slit throat poison.

I expect that in the new 52, he is strong, but not invinsible - a bomb would hurt, a body slam by a train off guard would hurt. But, like once stated, if he is truly that song, bench pressing the world, surely the world to him would be lke walking through a city made of tissue..
Good point, one that's always made me curious. Even if Supes wasn't strong enough to bench the earth, it's still as if he's walking through a world made of tissue. I'd be curious to read stories that expand on that kind of angle; what exactly it must be like to be Superman and how he has to constantly be on his guard when in disguise, like walking constantly on ice.

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Batman is Batman because of his bat motif's. Take them away and he's just Manman.

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